The End is Near! We Need Your Help!

The bad news is that May 24th is our last day open to the public at this location in Fairfield. The good news is that we hope to move into a new place soon after. If anyone would like to help, please email or call us if you know of a place we can rent out. Price is our main concern, and that is why we have to leave this location. We would like to be in a place that is more visible, but it’s not entirely necessary. We are actively searching around for the right place, but there are so many open spaces that we would not have time to find on our own. So if you want Arcade Legends in your neighborhood, send us your suggestions. Even just an address or phone number of a place you pass while driving is helpful. We’d like to stay within 20 miles of our current location but we’d certainly be open to a bit farther if the deal is too good to pass up.

Keep an eye on the front page for updates on our progress. Hopefully you all can make your way out here again a few more times before we close up shop in Fairfield. I’ll be planning a moving/closing party for the final day (May 24th) so keep an eye out for details on that as well!

We are also on the hunt for some new games. Fighting games and classics are top priority. Non-working games are always welcome. If anyone has some for sale or know of someone who does, please let us know.

Thanks to all who have supported us so far. We hope to see you all at our new place.

email –
phone – 513-874-8766 (TRON)
Ask for Jesse


One Response to “The End is Near! We Need Your Help!”

  1. You guys should move to Athens, OH. It’s a college town (Ohio University) so you’d have a lot of the target age group already in your grasp!

    Just a thought!

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