Two More Weeks!

Just two more weeks left here in Fairfield. I am in the final stages of securing the new location. Once I have the keys in hand i will post up the new address. My plan is to use the month of June to get the new place ready and be open by the first of July or sooner if we get everything done quickly.

There will be many exciting changes at the new location including the name! All these things will be announced soon so keep an eye on the website for details.

Our final day open to the public is Sunday May 23rd. I am almost finished working out some events for that day so make sure you plan on coming to see us off. Along with discounted admission for everyone, there will be some FREE tournaments that you can win prizes for entering including passes to the new location. I will have this info posted in the next 48 hours.

Fighting gamers, dont’ forget that May 28th – 30th is PowerUp 2010. Nearly every relevant fighting game will be having a tournament over the weekend with lots of money and prizes to win. We will have SUPER STREET FIGHTER IV, TEKKEN 6, TATSUNOKO VS CAPCOM, SUPER SMASH BROTHERS BRAWL, SUPER STREET FIGHTER II TURBO, KING OF FIGHTERS and BLAZBLUE just to name a few games. There will be a FREE raffle with great prizes given out including a very nice stick case, T-shirts, Street Fighter figures, arcade passes and more! You won’t want to miss this. Once the PowerUp tournament gets bigger and better each year, you will be able to say you were there when it started. Follow this link to get the full rundown on the tournament –

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