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Monthly (30-day) passes available starting in August

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Beginning August 1st, I will be offering a monthly pass to the arcade for $35 for adults and $25 for kids! That’s good for any regular operating day including tournaments, ranking battles and most other special events. The pass will be good for 30 days from the day of purchase so you will get your months worth of play regardless of which day you make the purchase. You will also receive one half price guest pass and 10% off any purchases made at the media store during your 30 days! Any questions, call me at 513-874-8766 or email at


Asteroids fixed + We will fix your scratched discs!

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Good news. Asteroids is up and running like a champion! Come set the high score so we have something to shoot for.

Media store update. Labels will be in this week. Now to get things priced and on the shelves for sale. Hopefully just a few more weeks until I can open the store. In the meantime I am always buying your unwanted cds, dvds and video games for cash so please drop in anytime during business hours. Open late so if you need some cash at say midnight on a Thursday, I can oblige.

Also, I can fix your scratched discs cheaper than anyone else in town. Depending on the severity of the disc, it will range from $1 – $2.50. Never pay more than $2.50 to have your cds fixed here. If you like your discs to look perfect but have a few that need some minor fixing, it’ll only cost a dollar! Remember, not all damaged discs can be fixed. Once the recorded material is punctured, it cannot be fixed. I can usually tell before doing the job so as to not waste your time and money. A discount can be arranged for multiple discs fixed.

Monday and Tuesday rentals for parties or events + more

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As you may have noticed, we are currently closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. However, we are available for party or event rentals. If you have a group of 10 or more adults you can have the place all to yourselves! Discounted rates for parties of 20 or more. Call me at 513-874-8766 or email me at with questions or to book an event.

Also, August weekends are booking up fast. If you are thinking of having a party in August, please call soon to ensure your spot.


Grand Opening results

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Congratulations to Angelo from Cincinnati for taking home the grand prize at the arcade tournament. Second place went to Jacob F and Third went to Alex D. The pinball tournament was won by Mark F of Dayton. there was a spur of the moment MarioKart 64 tournament and that was won by Kameron of Dayton. He took home a plush Yoshi for his racing skills! Thanks for all who came out. It was alot of fun. See you all soon

GRAND OPENING EVENT on Saturday July 17th – FREE Tournaments! Prizes!

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This Saturday, July 17th, is the Grand Opening Event! Come out for FREE tournaments with great prizes! All ages can enter. First place in the arcade tournament can win a prize valued at over $200! Doors open at NOON and will be open until 1am. Below are the details:

Random arcade tournament @ 2pm:
-One player from each match will pick 3 cards with a specific arcade game on it. The rules to win that match are written on the card. -It is best 2 out 3 matches so the third card will not be used if either player wins the first two games.
-Double elimination so you get at least two chances before you are out of the tournament
1st – KINGDOM HEARTS: ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK COMPLETE 9-disc box set! Retail value is over $200! link to Amazon detail page – KH Box SET and 2 FREE passes to Arcade Legacy for your next visit
2nd – Arcade Legacy T-Shirt
3rd – FREE pass to the arcade on your next visit

Pinball Tournament – The Getaway: High Speed II
Highest score wins. Simple as that. Throughout the day you can play THE GETAWAY pinball as much as you’d like. Please take turns and don’t hog the machine. Report your high score. If someone beats your score, try again.

The prize for the winner will be a $25 Blockbuster Video gift card, an Arcade Legacy T-shirt and a FREE pass to the arcade. You will not have to stick around all night to win. I will take the phone number of anyone who reaches a high score and you will be notified if you won. You prizes can be picked up or mailed to you.

There may be other events during the day depending on the turnout for this event. Hope to see you all there.


Now Open!

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The fun starts today! All you can play all day for $10 every day!

ROCKET PUNCH is Saturday 7-10-10. Super Street Fighter IV, Tekken 6, Guilty Gear XXAC +more

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Fighting gamers from all around the US are coming out this weekend for our first tournament at the new location. ROCKET PUNCH will be running all day Saturday with the following games being played – SUPER STREET FIGHTER IV, TEKKEN 6, GUILTY GEAR XX ACCENT CORE, SUPER STREET FIGHTER II TURBO (arcade), low tier MARVEL VS CAPCOM 2, NARUTO CLASH OF NINJA REVOLUTION 3 and NARUTO GNT 4. There will probably be some side tournies as well.

For more in depth details, follow this link –