2 More Days + X-men 6-player is fixed!!!

I was preparing to break the bad news but instead I have the good news! X-men 6-player is now functioning 100%! It wasn’t easy and it seemed as though it was trying to destroy us, but we overcame. There will be a few games that won’t be quite ready for this weekend but should be ready for the grand opening. As of right now Donkey Kong, Asteroids Deluxe, Battlezone and Jurassic Park pinball are down. Asteroids should be running tomorrow. Battlezone is 50/50 for this weekend. Donkey Kong needs a cap kit so it’s not going to be up this week unless someone happens to have one lying around and can do it for me. Jurassic Park just went haywire a couple days ago and it is being looked at soon so we shall see.

More good news. My new Japanese Candy cab will be in tomorrow so that should be ready to go this weekend as well. Sometimes games get rattled in shipment so there’s always that chance it will need some work done but I am optimistic as usual.

2 more days until launch. Remember this weekend is a soft opening to make sure everything is running smooth for the Grand Opening event next weekend. Anyone who comes, please put in your suggestions and criticism. I aim to make the arcade a place where people want to hang out and have a good time so I am open to all suggestions. Also keep in mind that there hasn’t been much decorating done yet. There will be murals on the walls, posters, artwork and other fancy looking wall decorations. If you are interested in doing a piece of wall art for the arcade, contact me (Jesse) and we can see where that goes.

See everyone soon


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