Asteroids fixed + We will fix your scratched discs!

Good news. Asteroids is up and running like a champion! Come set the high score so we have something to shoot for.

Media store update. Labels will be in this week. Now to get things priced and on the shelves for sale. Hopefully just a few more weeks until I can open the store. In the meantime I am always buying your unwanted cds, dvds and video games for cash so please drop in anytime during business hours. Open late so if you need some cash at say midnight on a Thursday, I can oblige.

Also, I can fix your scratched discs cheaper than anyone else in town. Depending on the severity of the disc, it will range from $1 – $2.50. Never pay more than $2.50 to have your cds fixed here. If you like your discs to look perfect but have a few that need some minor fixing, it’ll only cost a dollar! Remember, not all damaged discs can be fixed. Once the recorded material is punctured, it cannot be fixed. I can usually tell before doing the job so as to not waste your time and money. A discount can be arranged for multiple discs fixed.


One Response to “Asteroids fixed + We will fix your scratched discs!”

  1. bartenational Says:

    my son and I were there last night, I set the high score on robotron and galaxians! DAD – but asteroids was a lot harder than I remembered … had a good time – thanks

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