New NEO GEO lineup + New games coming soon!

I just got in SOCCER BRAWL for my Neo Geo candy cab so I decided to put in a fresh lineup of games. The NEO is now housing – SOCCER BRAWL, TOP HUNTER, BLAZING STAR, SENGOKU 3, WINDJAMMERS and SUPER DODGE BALL. I can always switch out any game I have in my library so don’t be afraid to ask if there’s a specific game you’d like to play.

Also, in the next week or two you will find a couple new Pinballs and possibly a new game or two! Keep checking the website for updates. Also the DONKEY KONG should finally be fixed in that time span as well. Updates will be posted as soon as they occur.

Final update. The Alien vs Predator cab has been switched to another awesome but little seen CAPCOM side scroller ARMORED WARRIORS. As with the NEO cab, I can always pop AvP in for you if you want to play while you are here. Just ask.



One Response to “New NEO GEO lineup + New games coming soon!”

  1. i like this game so much

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