Two new PINBALLS + games fixed! Media store opens next week

Pin fans rejoice! THE ADDAMS FAMILY and CENTAUR have been added to our pin lineup. Jurassic Park is still under the knife but that leaves you with 6 great pins to play.

In other good news, ASTEROIDS and BATTLEZONE have both been fixed! DONKEY KONG shouldn’t be too far off. PUZZLE FIGHTER is waiting on a part and then it will be back up.

The media store will officially be open next week. It will still be a work in progress but there is enough out to shop. I’m always taking in CDs, DVDs, VIDEO GAMES and any other rad stuff you want to unload for CASH or TRADE. I have all genres of CDs and DVDs including lots of imports and hard to find foreign films. My current video game selection is a growing mix of mostly classic games and systems with a handful of newer stuff. Lots of rare and strange titles including some Famicom, Super Famicom and other Japanese releases. I will be doing much more frequent updates with all the new stuff that comes in daily. If I don’t have it in stock, I’d be glad to order anything you want.

So for the first media store update – JUST IN TODAY
1. Over 60 Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance games with another 50 coming this week. Most priced $5 or less!
2. around 20 more blu-rays all priced less than $10!
3. a handful of boxed SNES games
4. 35 boxed or complete NES games
5. A Sega Dreamcast in the ORIGINAL BOX
6. A Sega Saturn in the ORIGINAL BOX
7. A Sega Genesis in the ORIGINAL BOX
8. 18″ Talking MARV figure from SIN CITY – BRAND NEW

Future updates will include complete lists. Call me or send me an email if you are looking for a specific item.


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