The 3 Days until Christmas sale starts today! Buy 3 get 1 FREE!

THREE more shopping days left until Christmas and that means SALE TIME at Arcade Legacy! Starting today until close on Friday, all new and used cds, dvds and video games priced $10 or less are buy 3 get 1 FREE! Mix and match from all three types of media. Lowest priced item is free. No limit.

All systems and accessories are also on sale!
Dreamcast for $30
Suoer Nintendo for $30
Top Loading NES for $60
Sega Genesis for $20
GameCube for $20
N64 for $25
Sega Saturn for $40
I also have some really nice systems in the original box! Would make a great gift for the classic gamer fan. As of this posting I have a Sega Genesis, SNES, Dreamcast and Saturn in the original box. Call or stop in for pricing.

Dreamcast VMUs for $3
Dreamcast controllers for $4
NES controllers for $4
SNES controllers for $4
N64 rumble pak for $1
SNES, N64 and GameCube A/V cords for $5
Sega Genesis power pak for $4
Sega Genesis controllers for $4
All kinds of classic GameBoy accessories for $1 each

I’m always looking to buy your unwanted cds, LPs, dvds, blurays, video games and systems and just about anything else related. I pay more than anyone in town. Come see for yourself.

PLUS lots more


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