Come play Rock Band 3 + New tournament announcement!

ROCK BAND 3 is now at the arcade! Grab some friends and rock out all night.

The next fighting game tournament at AL just announced:


The first fighting game event of 2011 at Arcade Legacy will be on Feb 5th. THE ROAD TO POWERUP: ASCENSION was conceived as an event to find the fifth and final player for the local Tekken 6 team for the T6 main event at PowerUp 2011. In addition we will be having a handful of other tournaments with some great prizes (including cash of course). Full details and schedule:

When: February 5th, 2011. Sign up begins at 11am and goes until we can’t get you on the brackets anymore. If you want to play but will be late, just call the arcade and I’ll get you on the brackets.

$10 venue fee which includes All-You-Can-Play arcade games all day long! nearly 50 games!
FREE entry into the Iron Man, Mystery and T6 qualifier tournaments
$5 entry into the SSFIV tournament. Money is split 70/20/10 between top three

IRON MAN starts at 12:30pm
MYSTERY GAME starts at 2pm
T6 qualifier starts at 6pm
SSFIV starts at 6pm

Iron Man arcade competition – Each player will be put into a pool of 7-10 people depending on attendance. This will be a ROUND ROBIN tournament where each person plays everyone in their bracket at FIVE mostly well known and mostly loved fighting games. All will be played on arcade machines or Superguns. Best two out of three for each game. The win-loss record for each game will be recorded. The top EIGHT records between the pools will advance to a double elim bracket on the final game. PRIZE to the winner is $50 cash and a FREE weekend pass to PowerUp 2011! Second place gets a FREE pass to AL.
-The five games in pools will be – Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Vampire Savior, Breaker’s Revenge, Street Fighter Alpha 2 and a voted upon game. See the poll.
-Top 8 will find out which game they will be playing once they make it that far.

Mystery Game tournament – Most of you know how the mystery game tournaments go but here’s a quick overview for those who don’t.
-Each round has a different game that all matches will play.
-Not always a fighting game. You never know what will be thrown at you.
-double elim
The winner of this tournament will win a FREE weekend pass to PowerUp 2011!

Tekken 6 qualifier
Round Robin rules.

-Matches depend on people attending. 4-7 matches will be best 2 out of 3, 7 or more will be one match
-Everyone plays everyone. If you win a set, you get a point. Person with the most points at the end wins the 5th spot.
-In the event of a draw, a tie breaker match will be played between the top two.
-ARCADE mode, random stage select.

Super Street Fighter IV – $5 entry. Double elim. 70/20/10.

Ranbats season 4 starts on Feb 26th. I will be posting up the details in a week or two.


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