Upcoming events – MARVEL vs CAPCOM 3 release party + Arcade LANgacy

Two events coming VERY soon that I have somehow forgotten to add to the events page. Both exciting in entirely different ways. First off we have an event that some have been waiting TEN years for:

Marvel vs Capcom 3 release day party and tournaments – Marvel vs Capcom 3

We will be opening at 2pm and the whole day will be dedicated to all things MARVEL VS CAPCOM. Tons of setups for MvC3 all day along with tournaments on ALL THREE MvC games! Click on the link above for all the details.

The next and just as exciting event is the first ever LAN party at the arcade! Ham-Lan and CinciFrag.com are teaming up with Arcade Legacy for this “event of epic proportions”. Head over to the CinciFrag web site here for details – Arcade LANgacy


4 Responses to “Upcoming events – MARVEL vs CAPCOM 3 release party + Arcade LANgacy”

  1. I may be the only person in the world, but i dont have a facebook account and dont want to make one, so i cant see the extra details.
    Guess i just need to know will there be a special fee? is registration necessary? certain time tournaments are starting?

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