Arcade Legacy is moving and expanding!

As of today it is official. Arcade Legacy is growing! We offered a grand opportunity to move into the Cincinnati Mall. I know that most people immediately have poor opinion of the place, but there a big things happening there and AL will be apart of it! Just yesterday they officially announced a three-rink Hockey Arena going in Fall of 2012! That’s just the beginning.

The new spot will be nearly DOUBLE the space we currently have, so that means more games, bigger media store, more tournament space, lounge area, more projectors, more EVERYTHING! They’ve offered me the kind of deal you can only dream of, so it is a very exciting opportunity.

For the few of you who know the layout of the mall, I will taking over the space that DEB was in. It is directly across from the food court (which is also expanding) and a few steps away from the movie theater. The ideal location for an arcade.

This means I will be on the lookout for some new arcade games. If anyone has some, knows someone who does or sees them for sale, please email or call me with that info.

There will be many more posts as things progress so keep an eye out on this website or facebook to stay updated. The planned opening for the new location is early February. We will be open all the way up to that point at our current location with plenty of great events in December and January.


9 Responses to “Arcade Legacy is moving and expanding!”

  1. Any chance on getting some Bemani imports (Beatmania IIDX, Pop’n, etc), or DDR X3 if that comes to the states?

    • I would LOVE to be able to get some of those. They rarely show up for sale though, and I can’t afford to import them right now. If things go well at the new place, I’ll definitely be trying for those. I do have a Pop’n setup at the arcade right now. It’s running on PC but it is a arcade size professionally made controller.

  2. NICE! excited for you. I remember going there when i was younger to the old arcade there, will bring back memories!
    as far as arcades go, i know there’s some guy in northgate mall that has arcades, gamesvalure (or valore). its also near the food court.

  3. Unreal but I think it will work.

  4. This sounds completely awesome. Can’t wait.

  5. If you get a Pump It Up cabinet I have a group of at least 8 people that will go there weekly. One of the guys won the 2011 U.S. Pump Festival competition and competed in China. Right now we hang out at Dave and Busters, but we’d love to support your place!

    • Definitely not out of the question. It’s a matter of finding one though. Does it matter which mix?

      • From my buddy: “Fiesta Ex. Make sure its fiesta ex and not just fiesta. Also if he wants to get a cheaper one and upgrade later get absolute. That would be better if he isn’t looking to spend a lot right away. And a new mix should be out by the end of the year anyway and if he upgraded then everyone ever would go there all the time.”

  6. Infamousd Says:

    Hey glad to hear that you got a space there! It used to be an awesome spot for Time Out On The Court. Still have many fond memories of setting up that place and keeping the machines running. Best of luck!

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