Now offering console repair!

Arcade Legacy is now doing console repair. We can repair almost any system as far back as Atari up to the current gen systems like PS3 and XBOX360. Absolutely free estimate. We won’t do the work until you know the problem and the cost to repair it. We have shopped around and feel like we offer the most competitive pricing available. 30 day guarantee on all repairs.


4 Responses to “Now offering console repair!”

  1. Hi there, I stumbled onto you guys via secret Cincinnati. Very cool concept, I’ll be stopping by soon. I do in fact have an old fat PS3 that died from the YLOD, and I’d love to get the saved data off it. I have a new slim still in the box that I want to transfer the data to, could you guys do that?

    Please note: I’m not really worried about the old PS3, I just want the saved data.

  2. I need someone to look at my PDP fight stick for the 360. I think theres some kind of loose connection on the USB port. Not 100% sure though. Can you guys help?

    • We can probably fix that. Those things weren’t put together so well. I hear that is a common problem. Bring it in anytime during business hours. -Jesse

      • Well the guy I took it to couldnt fix it. 😦 So my girlfriend will be dropping if off today. 12/7. She’ll probably be there around 5:30ish. You guys are pretty much my last hope…please help. And even though the arcade is closed Friday could I pick it up if its fixed by then?

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